Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our weekend!

Another post about us just hanging out...doing nothing...I know, boring.  But that is just kind of where we are right now, and I know I love seeing what other people do, errr don't do, so I will just keep posting about these boring days!  Poor Ellie woke up super congested on Thursday, and I thought it was a sinus infection (because I always think a stuffed up nose is a sinus infection), but she hasn't had a fever so I think it is just a cold.  Bless her!  Two colds this month.  We are cutting back on going to the local bounce place, because it has been shortly after an outing there she has developed the colds.  I love that place, but since she isn't walking yet, and not to mention teething, she is just picking up everything.  I hate baby colds!  She is so stuffed up.  Want to hear a baby snore?  I thought you might!  She fell asleep in the car on Saturday, and I captured a little of the hilarious snoring before she kicked you will see on camera!

The only outing we did this weekend was on Saturday, and we spent some time in the park.  Here is a sweet picture of my loves!

I do not like exposing Ellie to many people (or exposing many people to Ellie I should say) while she has a cold, so we just laid low.  It was kind of nice...minus the sick, cranky baby.  I am so thankful to have a good friend whose dad is a pharmacist and advised us on something we could give her to help her out.  It definitely helped!  

I'm starting something fun this week, so please check back!  I am interested though...have any of y'all done the Couch to 5k program?  Please comment below if you have, and let me know about your experience!  Please!

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