Monday, October 29, 2012

Morose Melancholy Monday

How's that for alliteration??  Okay it wasn't that bad, but sick babies are so sad.  Ellie was so pitiful today, especially in the early morning.  She usually goes down for a nap about 2 hours after she wakes up, and she was more than ready within the first hour.  She only wanted to nap on me so that is what she did.  We rocked and she slept for her first nap...something we haven't done since she was 5 months old!  It was kind of nice. ;)  That is the only plus side of having a sick baby...extra cuddle time!  After her nap she just chilled on my while watching Bubble Guppies. 

Then when that was over she didn't feel like playing...

We had one errand to run, and she felt a little better this afternoon so we ran to Sams.  She was so energetic until the end...

Sweet Ellie!  I so hope she wakes up feeling better tomorrow...we have a busy week ahead of us!

Just for kicks...I was reviewing the birthday gift list to start thank you notes from, and I found the funniest thing.  My youngest brother, Peter, goes to UT and gave Ellie the cutest UT socks.  My sister was making this list for us as we opened presents, and this is what she wrote for Peter's gift.

My sister claims it was an accident, but I don't know!  I think she is clearly stating her opinion of the University of Texas!  Too funny!

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