Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Our weekend...

We had a great weekend, mostly spent at home!  We finished up a little furniture shopping we had left to do, but other than that we cleaned, emptied boxes, went for walks, just enjoyed our time in our new neighborhood!  The weather was so nice...for two whole days.  We played outside, and someone wore jeans for the very first time!  Picture to follow...trust me.  She.Was.So.Cute!  I got into the decorating spirit and put cute little scarecrows out front.

I love them...they are the cheapest made yard decorations ever, but I love them.  I don't see them lasting the whole season at all, so I am glad I have a picture.  Don't you just love the mommy, daddy, and Ellie scarecrows??

I tried to get Ellie to pose with them, but she is such a girly girl and hates being in the grass.  It took bubbles to get her to smile...
There are the jeans!!  And crocs!  I melt.

We took our first long walk around the neighborhood, and we love it so much!  Really, I am so glad we moved here.  I have already met more neighbors in the two weeks we have been here than I did in the four years we were at our old house.  As an added bonus for us, as Ellie and I were out walking today we ran into her pediatrician!  She lives right down the street with her husband and twin daughters!  What a small world.  Her girls are about 6 months older than Ellie, so we are going to have some new friends.  I am so, so very glad we moved here.  I can see our family being very happy here for a very long time!

Mike and Ellie enjoying the walk!  Never a bad time to stop and take a picture...conveniently for me we stopped at a bench...

I get asked a lot why there are not a lot of pictures of me around, and I wanted to show why.  As much as I love him, my photographer stinks.  Seriously, I think I am going to send Mike to picture-taking school, because they aren't pretty.  I gave him another try while we were out walking, and he took this gem while I was mid-sentence asking him if he was going to take a picture.  

Mid-sentence.  I mean a girl needs a second to compose herself, straighten up her posture, suck it in, smile, something!  So.  Case in point.

Please pray for the Julee & Preslee Turner, whose husband/daddy passed away Saturday night.  So, so sad.    I have read Julee's blog for years, and I am heartbroken for her.  http://mattandjuleeturner.blogspot.com/  Check back on my blog next week for an item that will be up for auction with benefits going to a fund that has been set up for their daughter, Preslee.

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