Saturday, October 6, 2012

Look what we have coming...

Ellie's first birthday party is right around the corner, and I cannot believe our pumpkin will be one !  Time goes by so quickly.  Sigh.

We are busy, busy, busy this weekend getting the house ready.  I am not quite sure what I was thinking hosting a party at our house so quickly after we moved in, but where else do you have a one year old's party??

In other news, I got my haircut last night.  The first time since Ellie was 3 months old.  Sheesh.  Here is before...let me warn you, I am horrible at self portraits.  Just awful.  I also hate that the only way I can do one is looking like a fool in the bathroom mirror.  Ha!  If there are any self-portrait pros out there, please comment on how you do it!  But you will get the gist of the before/after haircuts even if I look like an idiot!



Let me note that it is taking every last ounce of effort I have to not sit here and focus on my fingers looking so fat and squishy.  In an effort to be more transparent, however, I will let it go and not remove these pictures from the blog.  This is so big of me, y'all.  Ha!  

I hope y'all are having a great weekend!

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