Thursday, October 18, 2012

One year ago today...

I was so nervous!  We were getting ready to head to the hospital for my induction.  The thought of giving birth terrified me, but I was so excited, too.  I could not wait to meet our sweet little girl.  Most of you know I did not have an easy pregnancy.  Pre-eclampsia is no laughing matter, and being on bed rest is no fun.  This time last year I was so close to it all being over, and so excited about the new addition to our family.  Ellie has been the joy of our lives, and this has been the greatest year ever.  She is so sweet, and so much fun.  I am still blown away that God chose us to be her parents!  I don't know what He was thinking, but we are going to do our best! ;)  

I thought it would be fun to do a monthly year in review...picture-style!  Tomorrow I will add her 12 month picture!  I love seeing how she has changed from month to month!  Sweet baby!

Newborn Ellie!

Bright-eyed 1 month!

Celebrating 2 months old in the hospital. :(

3 months!

4 months!  

5 month this one!

6 months.

7 months...teething was rough during these months!

8 months!

9 months...too busy to look at the camera!

10 months...I think I see a little attitude in this one!  This is also about the time she started ripping bows from her hair...

11 months.  I melt.  So pretty!

I think I might cry tomorrow when I put on her last monthly sticker.  I cannot believe it.  I remember going through the different stickers to see what they look like when she was around 4 months, and I couldn't imagine her being 9 months, 10, 11, etc.  Yet here we are!  It really does go by so fast.  The first 6-8 weeks were so rough...I remember wondering when things would pick up as I was sleep deprived and crazy.  Now I wonder when things will slow down.  Sigh.  

Mike and I are so in love with this sweet little girl!  

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  1. She is adorable! I can't believe that you had her a year ago... seems like yesterday you were telling me you were pregnant. Can't wait for many play dates in the future :)