Thursday, March 21, 2013

We are having a....


We are so excited to add another sweet baby girl to our family!  We have decided on a name, but I will announce it in a later post. :)  She is very healthy, and we had a great appointment today.  I love seeing our high risk doctor.  He is so great, and we just have the best conversations.  Mike and I both appreciate him very much!

I posted this picture on facebook.  I love matching outfits, and cannot wait to dress my girls in sweet sister sets!  I found these little jogging suits at gymboree like 80% off!  SCORE!

Mike and I are so in love with both of our girls, and cannot wait to add this precious gift from the Lord to our family!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Coming in August...

Bergeron Baby #2!!!  Mike and I are so excited about this baby!  We think Ellie is going to make a great big sister, and cannot wait for her to see her little brother or sister.

Morning sickness has been rough this time around, and I have fallen off the blogging/twitter planet.  I have had very little energy to do anything outside of mommy-ing Ellie.  Now that I am out of the first trimester, I am starting to feel so much better!  I was so worried about everything during my first pregnancy, and I am determined to enjoy this one!

We are so thankful to the Lord for giving us another little bundle of joy to love!

Thursday, January 10, 2013


I never intended to be gone from my little online journal for so long!  We got so busy around Christmas.  I don't even remember where I left off in my blogging thought process, but let me see if I can get us up-to-date.

We hosted Christmas this year so as we got closer to my family coming Mike and I got so busy.  It was the first time someone other than my parents have hosted Christmas for our family so the pressure was on! Especially because we really need to prove to my dad that we can handle it, and Christmas can still be great at someone else's house.  Haha!  Now that the majority of my siblings are in Houston, and with us the grandkids, it just makes more sense for the minority to travel.  I'm hoping we can continue to host, or rotate years with my older sister so the grandkids can stay in their routine.  Anyway it was so much fun, and Mike and I had a blast setting out Ellie's gifts from Santa.  We didn't get her too much from him since it was really for us, but she got a super cute chair and this amazing thing....

I wouldn't say Ellie had a great time at Christmas.  Similar to her birthday, she was overwhelmed.  She didn't like the loud noises and had no desire to open presents.  She did enjoy playing with them, though.  My anti-napper even took a 2 hour nap during gift opening to avoid the chaos.  :)  Christmas was a really fun time, and I am always sad when it is over.  January is my least favorite month, probably because it symbolizes the end of the holiday season and it is cold and dreary.

Since Christmas we have just been settling back into life, and fighting off colds.  Ellie has had an awful cold.  She is still fighting it, but it is getting better.  Mike had one, but thankfully it didn't last long.  I have had a slight cold, but I started taking Zicam immediately and it really hasn't been bad.  Remember this post?  I am telling you, those three products are lifesavers!

I will upload some pictures from Christmas, and just life in general, when I get a little time.  

Here are some things Ellie has been up to lately:

*She has started 'giving', and it is the sweetest thing.  She will pick up her toys and bring them to one of us, especially Mike when he gets home in the evenings.  We end up with this pile of her toys.  She carefully selects them, too, which is precious.
*She LOVES to hug!  It melts my heart.  She will hug our legs, or come up and lay her head on our shoulders if we are sitting on the floor.  It is so sweet.
*I think she is getting closer to letting me put bows in her hair again.  She loves to bring them to me and bow her head so I can put one in, but then she quickly removes it.  We can play that game for MINUTES!
*She gets very frustrated if she can't figure something out, or if she is trying to eat/drink and it doesn't come quickly enough.  Especially through a straw.  Oh my word.  The tears.
*When Mike leaves in the morning she cries.  If he goes into a room and shuts the door, she will sit outside the door wailing until he comes out.  It is so sad.
*She still loves to sing and dance...she has had the same dance move since she was 6 months and has only varied it slightly.  I need to post a video from then and now.  It is hilarious!
*She is wearing 12-18 month clothes.  She has been in 12 month clothes since she was 6 months.  Ha!
*She LOVES food.  She loves fruits, veggies, yogurt, cheese, cheetos, and yogurt melts.  She isn't a huge meat fan yet, and she grows tired of new things quickly.  She really doesn't like change, and she will choose to have a fruit/veggie pouch over mac'n'cheese any day.  The only negative is those pouches are so darn expensive.
*She hates milk.  Doesn't drink a bit.  I stopped trying.

She continues to be the joy of our lives, and the best thing we have ever done! :)  

I hope you are all having a great week!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I am going to finish up Ellie's 25 days of Christmas after Tuesday.  We are having so much fun, and I just haven't had any time to update anything.  I am not going to worry about posting over the next couple of days; we are hosting Christmas this year and are so busy getting everything prepared.  I am enjoying my time with Mike and Ellie so much!  My loves!

I hope you all have a great Christmas with your families and friends!  I am so thankful 2000 years ago the Lord sent His one and only Son to be born, live a sinless life, die, and be raised to life!  He is our Hope!  He is our salvation!  

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Collage of Days 13-16

Minus day 15...I never got a picture!  I cannot believe it!  I will have to dress her in it again...oops!  Day 15 was Saturday, and we drove to San Antonio and were busy all day and then Mike and I went to the Riverwalk to go to his company's Christmas party.  We spent our first night away from Ellie and we had such a good time!  We sure did miss our baby, though.  I may, or may not, have sent a text to my siblings around 2:30 am asking someone to make sure the booster seat was strapped to the kitchen chair.  Some people may not admit that, but I am just keeping it real.  And when future generations read this they can feel better about themselves for, hopefully, not being as crazy as their mom/grandma/great-grandma, etc.  

Here are, in order, days 13, 14, and 16!  They are horrible pictures...I don't know what is wrong with my camera phone but it is taking the WORST quality pictures lately.  Boo.  Time to bring out the camera.  Day 13 doesn't appear to be Christmas-y, but it is our take of a holiday dress!  We have another one coming up this week, but we have cute tights to wear with it.  The day she wore the purple one it was, once again, hot and I just couldn't put tights on her.

We went to the zoo on Friday with our friends, Shelby and Finn, and I snapped this cute picture. (no she is not wearing a Christmas outfit because that days outfit was a dress and I didn't want her wearing that to the zoo)

Sweet little redheads!  Love them!

See y'all soon!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 12!

Welcome back!  We are almost halfway through with the month; can you believe it??  It is going so quickly.  Ellie has been very busy lately perfecting her walk, eating lots of fun foods, and helping me sort the mail.  I kind of like her method...

Most of it is garbage anyway!  She has been doing the cutest things lately.  If I say 'hmmm', she does the same thing.  She loves touching our noses and mouths.  She loves to play peek-a-boo, and will do it all day long if we play along.  The other night at dinner she was grabbing my hand, and Mike's, and putting them together.  Each time we stopped holding hands she would grab them and put them back together.  It was so, so sweet.  She plays with her bows and tries to put them in her hair.  When she can't get it she will hand it to me and duck her head so I can put it on.  Then she removes it and does it all over again.  I love that she plays with them, but I wish she would leave it in at some point.  Ha!  It seems every day she is learning something new.  She LOVES to read...some days the only things she pulls from her toy bin are books.  Love it!  I can say one line from a book and she will go pick that book up and start to 'read' it.  Smart girl!  I love this stage so much, and it seems each age gets better and better.

Let's look at her OOTD!  (outfit of the day!)

Ellie has lost several pounds since she started walking, and she is starting to even out.  Which came to our advantage today because I accidentally bought today's outfit in a 6-12 month.  Oops.  I bought it at a local consignment store so no take-backs.  Ha...figures.  It fit her just fine though!  It came with little bloomers, but it was a bit too chilly to wear them so I threw on leggings instead.  She even got to wear her fun new shoes.

She loves gathering leaves, and that is what she was doing in the first picture.  It is so funny!  As long as she doesn't try to eat what she picks up outside I am fine with her gathering.

I am having so much fun with her little outfits...I better live it up this year, because I can guarantee Mike will not allow any repeats...

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Days 8-11

Does anyone else feel this month is flying by?  We have so much going on, and Mike has been so busy at work lately he hasn't been getting home till after 7.  I'm sure you mommies out there can agree that makes for a very long day!  I feel we have gotten absolutely nothing accomplished!  I know that is not true, but our to do list is a mile long and not getting any shorter!  Let's catch up on Ellie's 25 days of Christmas!  

Day 8!

We had to run to the store to get one item so I let her ride in the basket.  I love the pouty face in the middle. Haha!  So sad!  I love this little outfit, and I love the picture where she is reaching for the teddy bear ornament.  It has an E on it, and it is the one ornament she knows she can pull off and play with.  It is so cute to watch her try and put it back on the tree.

Day 9!

Mike and I had a Christmas party to attend so my sister, Allison, took these pictures while babysitting her.  She was watching Bubble Guppies.  Haha...I love the second picture.  Mike watches TV the same way.  Nature or decide....

Day 10!

I took Ellie to see Santa at Bass Pro Shop...we were going to do it at the mall, but I was appalled at the price of the pictures so we went to Bass where the pictures are free!  I know my picture of the picture isn't the best.  She didn't scream, but she was too distracted to do much else.  Her little shirt says "Santa loves me", and this sweet Santa said, 'yes he does, little one'.  Ahhh...melted my heart.

After our trip to see Santa we went to Target and played around in the baby clothes...

Day 11!

My little poinsettia in front of my fake poinsettias.  Ha!  She is so sweet, and I am in love with this Baby Lulu outfit.  So cute!

I've mentioned before our little scare last year at Christmas that landed us in the hospital for 10 days with Ellie receiving IV antibiotics.  I am realizing the lasting effects of that this month.  I don't know if it is because I have so much to look forward to and I am scared of our plans being thwarted, or if the season is just going to invoke this fear in me for awhile.  I feel every little thing that Ellie seems off in scares me.  I'm sure I'm driving our pediatrician crazy, and I'm sure she regrets us moving down the street and giving me her cell.  I sure appreciate it though.  After our hospital visit I counted down the weeks between when she got I would always tell Mike how far away we were from that each week.  Oh, we are 2 weeks out, 4 weeks out, etc.  I was so, so, so thankful as each week passed and we had our sweet, perfect, healthy Ellie with us.  I loved getting further and further away from that time.  I will confess I have not been an easy-going mom.  I have read so many sad stores, and my sinful worry nature shines each time I read one.  Shines ugly.  I lay at night wondering if she is okay upstairs or if those spots on her back could be signs of meningitis.  I know.  Crazy.  She wasn't drinking a lot over the weekend, and I was trying everything.  I even offered my orange soda, and she would have nothing to do with it.  It scared me!  I freaked!  It turns out she just wants to hold all of the drinks herself.  Silly mommy!  I don't know what it is about being a mom that makes me so psycho.  It could be because I love this child so much, more than I could ever have imagined, and so much about her life is out of my hands.  Sometimes, at me weakest moments, I have to constantly remind myself that even though I don't have control over every aspect of her life, I know Who does.  I have to remind myself Jesus holds my sweet baby in His hands, and He has this under control.  He has this!  It isn't always easy, and as we creep close to December 15th...our own D-day...I have to remind myself again that she is healthy, happy, and here!

I know one day it will be a distant memory.  I want to move past the fear and worry, and just focus on remembering that time as one where we saw God's faithfulness.  We witnessed His provision first-hand, and we are so, so grateful.

I will do better the rest of the week with posting our outfit of the day as she wears them...not days later!  I hope y'all are having a great week!