Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our weekend celebrating Ellie!

We had Ellie's first birthday party on Saturday!  I was so looking forward to seeing her experience all of these new, fun things and eating up all of the extra attention.  I had envisioned how she would smash the cake, rip into presents, laugh and clap for herself.  Then comes reality. Ha!  She did not want to interact with anyone but me, Mike, and my dad (Ellie's Grandad).  She did not care about her cake or the presents.  She wanted to crawl around and dance...and come to me when she was overwhelmed.  And it was even better than I expected.  She has her own personality, and her own wants and I love that!  I love that I got extra cuddle time with my one year old.  It did my mommy heart good!  Not everything about the party went as planned....and we all survived just fine!  Ellie was celebrated and adored, and she looked so, so cute!  

Ellie hiding out before the party...she will go anywhere for Bubble Guppies.

In her adorable pumpkin smocked top with perfectly matching bloomers made by Hillary!  If you need something super cute made, she can do it.  She has made the cutest things for her daughter, and you can see them all on her blog!

Some party decor...

 The cakes!

Smash cake!
My beautiful sisters with the cake!

Some party guests...
My sister with her boyfriend Austin, my nephew Reagan, and  Allison (again!) with my youngest brother Peter!

Ellie's cake experience...

She started off curious, and ended up mad.  Ha!  I loved when she stuck the stem made completely of icing in her mouth.  It was so funny!

After the cake she crawled around while Mike and I opened her presents.  First birthdays, right?  More for the parents and guests than the child?  After almost everyone had left we went to the park with her cousins, and enjoyed being outside for awhile.  This is what she did when we got home...

She never sits still that long, but she just crawled up to her daddy and sat there for probably 10 minutes.  She was wiped out!

I'm so glad we had lots of family and friends to celebrate with was a fun day!  I'm so thankful for our sweet Ellie, and I look forward to many more birthdays to come!

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