Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ellie's 25 Days of Christmas

Happy December!  I am so glad it is here...even if it did get close to 80 degrees today.  :(  Last year, for Ellie's first Christmas, we didn't get to do exactly what we had wanted to.  December 15th, when she was 8 weeks old, she contracted group B strep.  It was a bacterial infection that could have been deadly, but it was caught in time and we are forever grateful.  They weren't sure how she got it, one doctor said it was late onset from birth (I tested positive for it, and was given many rounds of antibiotics during labor), and another doctor said it was contracted environmentally.  We will never really know, but those 10 days in the hospital while she was on IV antibiotics were long and scary.  We felt so blessed though, and so thankful it was caught when it was and nothing permanent came from it.  

This year I am determined to live it up, as much as she and Mike will let me!  We are doing 25 days of Christmas outfits!  Yay!  Most of you know how much I love dressing my little one up in super cute clothes, so this is really a perfect fit for us.  (I figure I might as well do this now while she has no say!)  We are also doing all of the little events I can talk Mike into!  Tonight we went to a little neighborhood Christmas party.  They turned on all of the lights, and Santa was there.  There was also a DJ who played all of today's greatest hits...and not a single Christmas song.  Strange, no??  Ellie had a blast walking around the park, watching the big kids play, and dancing to the music.  We also got to snack on cheese, crackers, and cookies.  It was really nice!  The lights are beautiful!  I was a horrible mom/blogger and forgot both the camera and my phone but I did manage to bring my glass of wine.  I will take pictures of the lights this week when we are out for a walk.  

Today's outfit is Christmas plaid, and I love it!  We were coming back to town after being at my parents' house to celebrate their 35th anniversary (more on that to come!), so I didn't manage to get a picture till tonight.  She was not at all cooperative!  

Ignore the unfinished tree in the background!

Please come back each day to check out our 25 days of Christmas!

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