Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 7!

Today was a great day!  We had a doctor's appointment this morning, went to Target to shop for presents for my sister's pseudo baby shower tomorrow, and then SOMEONE took a 2 hour nap!!!!  I am pretty sure the angels were singing along with me.  It was great!  Ellie hasn't napped like that in months, and this mama was so happy her baby realized how good a long nap feels.  Here's hoping for a few repeats!

So onto the fun stuff...

I realized tonight while we were getting ready to put Ellie in her pj's that I hadn't taken a picture of her outfit. Fail.  It was then I realized I am not very good at documenting things I intend to document.  Haha!  I never have the camera at times most people would remember their camera...or at least their cell phone!  I guarantee I will have a ton of pictures of Ellie eating, shopping, playing with her toys, and reading her books. Stuff she does every single day.  But the special stuff, events, outfits?  Good luck!

These pictures feature one very tired baby...and for your viewing pleasure I am including a super blurry picture so you can see how cute she is mid-walk.  I know.  Ridiculous.  I'm thinking it, too.

She is just wearing a sweet shirt from Carter's with a pair of brown leggings.  As much as I love her boutique and smocked outfits, there is just something about Carter's!  I feel they hold up so well to everyday wear.  I also feel they grow with her better than most clothes.  I just love them.  For those wondering, she is holding her diaper rash cream in one picture, and trying to eat it in another.  It is the small things.

I have asked Mike to remind me to take her picture in the morning tomorrow when she is bright eyed and bushy-tailed.  We will see if either of us remembers!

I hope y'all have a great weekend!

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