Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 2 of Ellie's 25 Days of Christmas!

I had planned on doing a couple of different things today out of the house, but poor Ellie is majorly teething.  She is getting two HUGE teeth.  There have been many breakdowns in this house today...and not just by Ellie. ;)  Oh the fits!  Today was the first time she has thrown herself on the ground and kicked her legs.  It was both funny and sad.  These teeth, y'all.  They are winning.  We ended up staying around the house all day, finishing the tree and working on the outside decorations.  

The teeth are seriously right there, so I am hoping we will be a little happier here in the next couple of days when they finally push through.  Ellie still looked so, so cute in her little Elf smocked outfit.  I love this outfit!  It came with pants, but since it was 81 degrees today she wore it with the bloomers that were made for her birthday outfit.  Thank goodness I had those!  They matched perfectly!

Ellie was not about to humor me by looking at the camera...

I tried to help her out by giving her a strand of lights to play with.
The bow was gone at this point. :(  Breaks my heart.

The picture fun ended when she did this...

No baby was hurt in the taking of these pictures.

Here is a picture of our almost finished tree.  I have some gaps to fill, but I ran out of ornament hangers.  I love how it looks!  The bottom only has ornaments I don't mind her grabbing if she happens to sneak one past me.  I have a stuffed felt nativity set and glittery snowflakes down there that won't hurt her, or won't be hurt by her.  Ha!

Tomorrow we are going to finish the decorating the inside, and hopefully, the outside of the house.  I cannot wait to show y'all!  

I hope y'all have a great Monday!  See you tomorrow!

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