Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday!

*Ellie took 6 steps! 
*I found a new boutique in Pearland to shop called Oh This Is So Me!  
*I bought a super cute oversized black cardi at said shop!
*I stirred up a wee bit of controversy on facebook, after which vowing to never be political on facebook again, and redacting any aforementioned statements regarding my desire for more politics in social media!  I kid.  Sort of.  
*Ellie wore a super cute outfit she received for her birthday! 

*I read a blog post that made me fall in love with Compassion International all over again!  Check it out here!  If you are looking for a way to give this season, please consider Compassion!  Remember these faces from a prior post?

 These are two sweet and precious faces!  Sponsoring them only costs us $76/month for BOTH of them, but that money goes so far!!  They get medical care, food, clothing, school, and most importantly they get the love of God demonstrated to them through the Compassion workers out in the field.  I love, love, love Compassion.

P.S. Angie Smith's blog post I linked to about Compassion also reminds me of the AWESOME and scary responsibility I have to teach Ellie about Jesus, and Jesus' love for others.  I have a powerful responsibility to be on my knees praying for the Lord to save Ellie at a young age....oh how I want this!

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