Monday, November 5, 2012

What Ellie has been up to...

Our sweet one year old is so busy all of the time!  I did such a good job documenting milestones when she was itty bitty, but I have been horrible at writing them down since about 9 months.  Here is what she has been up to, and a few fun facts!

- She is about 31 inches tall, and weighs right under 25 pounds!  That is 87th percentile for weight, and 86th for height.  I would say that sounds pretty healthy to me!

- She has 9 teeth, I think.  She won't really let me get in there to look, and I prefer to not be a chew toy.

- She says mama, dada, more (mow), thank you, and ball.  She can sign finished or all done, which is very helpful at meal times! :)

- She is the world's fastest crawler, and I would put her in a competition to prove it if there was such a thing! ;)  This child is not yet walking, and y'all I am so ready to be done with crawling!  She just doesn't know how good things will be for both of us once she takes those steps.  She will walk holding on to everything and everyone, including my dress, t-shirts, back of shorts, but once she realizes she is standing on her own she is quick to drop to the floor.  Sigh.  I want no comments about how I should be glad I am not chasing after her, yada, yada, yada.  Hogwash.  I want a walker.  I was so happy when she started crawling, because I love that she is mobile and can entertain herself by exploring.  When she walks we can enjoy being outside more, and her little hands won't be all over gross floors when I do put her down places.  I'm ready.  Part of me thinks she knows how badly I want her to walk, and this is like the first signs of rebellion.  I wouldn't put it past her...

- She LOVES Bubble Guppies.  She dances to all the music, and that show can seriously hold her attention for almost the full 24 minutes.  It comes in handy when mama needs to wash dishes, fix lunch, etc.!

- She still loves to shop!  She will be super cranky at home, and then as soon we go out she is her normal happy self!  I love it!

- She loves to read! 

- She is a daddy's girl, but right now she is going through an extremely attached to mama stage, and mama is not complaining!

- She loves to play in and with her clothes...if I am desperate for a break and want her to entertain herself, I will simply place folded laundry on the floor and let her at it!  My next trick will be to teach her how to refold it! 

She continues to be so much fun, so happy, and the love of our lives!

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