Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

Our little family had a super fun weekend, and once again I have the looking-at-Monday blues.  Mondays are just the hardest!  Ellie and I have so much fun getting ALL of Mike Saturday & Sunday, and it is such a drag sending him back.  

Friday night I went with my older sister, Diane, to the Nutcracker Market.  It was so much fun!  We went sans kids, and that was pure freedom.  Ha!  It was so nice to take our time strolling through the booths without little ones screaming impatiently, and drawing unwanted attention our way.  We didn't buy a thing, but I did get several ideas that I can replicate on my own thanks to my local Hobby Lobby.  Can you imagine taking kids to the chaos below?

Since I was having a night 'on the town' I thought I would style my hair with hot rollers following a hair tutorial you can find here.  If you hop on over and look at how perfectly Leslie rolled hair, you can imagine my high expectations for my hair!  I failed to meet them...

It didn't get much better so I won't bother posting the after.  That way no one will feel compelled to say something nice.... :)

We went to my nephew's 6th birthday party on Saturday, and Ellie got to see her Mimi and Grandad!  That was a lot fun, and I cannot believe he is 6!  He is so cute and so fun!  Ellie adores him!  He can do just about anything and she will crack up.  I love it!  I'm sad I didn't get a single picture.

Today I took some friends to Galveston to board their cruise ship so we did not go to church, and pretty much stayed home the whole day.  Mike set up the ball pit we got Ellie with some of her birthday money, and she is such a fan!  She crawled in and out, and placed the balls in and took them back out.  Rinse and repeat.  It was so cute to watch!

I took this picture tonight at dinner....where did this big kid come from??

Such a big girl eating her PB&J sandwich, peas, and cheese cubes.  Sigh!  It really does go by so fast!  I melt at her little feet crossed, too.  Little lady!

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